Isn’t it Time For A National Full Adoption Animal Shelter Franchise in America?

  When you want a hamburger you probably go to McDonald’s. A chicken sandwich, probably Chic Fil A. A sub sandwich perhaps you go to Subway.

But if you want to adopt a pet or perhaps turn your beloved pet into a shelter where do you go? If you want to make sure it’s a no kill shelter, what do you do?

Dog Pound

The sad answer is no one knows if their local shelter is a kill shelter, or a full adoption no kill shelter. Our organization Green Shelters America gets calls daily from caring people who want to adopt; or for an unfortunate reason must turn over their family pet into a shelter. The thing is they absolutely do not want to take their family pet to a kill shelter. They want to make sure they are supporting a compassionate, full adoption shelter. But they don’t know because every animal shelter is different. There is no consistency and no way for American’s to easily recognize and be certain if their shelter is a kill or no kill full adoption shelter. Well with Green Shelter America they will instantly know and trust it is a full adoption, environmental green shelter facility. Trust, transparency and consistency is an important key to changing our animal welfare system in America

green shelters america

That is why at Green Shelters America we have created the first National full adoption licensed franchise animal shelter program in America. We believe it is time that Americans know if their shelter adopts, or kills the animals in their community.

We have been in animal rescue and welfare for 10 years. We have worked hard and have perfected how to adopt all healthy animals in that 10 year period. We are now ready to expand the full adoption program we named – Rescue Renew Rehome – across America.

Purchase and read our new book – Rescue Renew Rehome – now available on Amazon Books and other retailers to learn how it can be done.

10-16 - 2014 Revised Book Cover from DD

At Green Shelters America we believe that with a national animal shelter franchise, operated with consistent, passionate and professional policies and procedures we can adopt all healthy animals in America. There is no longer a need to kill 4 million family pets every year in our community animal shelters. All savable pets can all be rehomed into loving new homes.

But we cannot do this alone. This is an enormous undertaking. Changing mindsets and changing a broken system takes courage, hope and help from everyone working together; animal lovers, adopters, pet owners, animal welfare organizations, rescue groups and community shelters. But like anything when the time has come for change, brave people will step up and accomplish it.

Be brave for our animals in need. Please join with us today as we create Green Shelters across America, so we can Rescue Renew and Rehome them all.

Contact us. We especially need Corporations that can see the vision as we do  and become National sponsors; as we create America’s first National eco Green Full Adoption Animal Shelter franchise.

Green Shelters America, formerly named Green Pets America Charities,  is a green environmental animal welfare organization.  We are a Georgia non-profit Corporation and an IRS certified 501[c] 3 non-profit. We are nationally rated Guide Star Gold certified for professionalism and full disclosure transparency. We have received recognition by the State of Georgia for our efforts on behalf of families and animals.



Author: Steve

Author, Director Green Pets America.

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