Freedom of Speech being denied to Animal Rescue Group

Freedom of Speech in America -Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and by many state constitutions and state and federal laws. Even criticism of the government and advocacy of ideas that some people may find distasteful or against public policy are almost always permitted.Additionally, Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1948, states that: “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media.”
Freedom of Speech is today being denied to Green Pets America.Green Pets America has recently been told by the police and government of Clayton County Georgia that with a new police shelter manager now in place we must sign a legal document that we would not say anything to anyone about what goes on relative to shelter animals in their care in the Clayton County Animal shelter. It is a gag request. If we refused to sign away our rights to free speech and say anything about the care of animals in the shelter we would no longer be allowed to rescue and save death row dogs.Additionally to go into the government shelter we would be required to turn in our cameras and turn in our cell phones upon entry to rescue death row dogs. We were to be escorted by an armed police officer to get in to rescue dogs. We were required to get a costly Police Criminal Background check. We and our staff and volunteers are are being treated like criminals when all we are trying to do is save shelter animals.Courageously our Executive Director Kristen refused to sign this illegal agreement. She refused to give up our free speech rights – and now Green Pets America has been physically banned from the government shelter. Now GPA cannot save the lives of Clayton County Shelter dogs.Green Pets America is a state of Georgia non-profit.
GPA is an IRS approved 501c3 animal rescue non-profit animal advocacy organization. We are licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, with a shelter license to rescue dogs from Georgia shelters.We have been recognized by the State Senate of Georgia and our home City of Woodstock, Georgia for service to Georgia’s families and animals. Yet we are being denied our freedom to rescue dogs per our State license. We and our thousands of supporters, all American citizens and tax payers, are being treated as criminals.We have rescued dogs for years from Clayton County. Under the previous shelter management we rescued and then vetted and cared for at our own costs, and adopted a thousand dogs. This has saved lives and perhaps $100,000 in euthanization and food costs for Clayton County. Green Pets America has helped improve their kill rate from 90% too much lower.We have saved hundreds of death row dogs from this shelter through the years and placed them into loving homes throughout Georgia…and now we cannot.

They have illegally taken away our free speech rights and refused our help to save lives.

Is this America?

We will not give up our constitutional rights. Too many soldiers have died for these rights. Too many wars have been fought to allow our First Amendment rights to be taken away by our own government. We will not give up our rights and we will sue Clayton County to stop this immediately.

Green Pets America Charities

Please do not take just our word for this. Read this email sent to us from the local Clayton animal humane society group that previous to the new appointment of a shelter director helped the shelter rescue thousands of the shelters animals.

This no-profit humane Society is rallying the local TV stations and media to make everyone aware of what is happening at the Clayton Animal Shelter.

Wednesday July 23, 2014

Clayton County Animal Control is a high kill “shelter” run by the police in the city of Jonesboro, GA. The captain in charge retired last month and his replacement has thrown out the volunteer group, the Partners, which over several years had saved thousands of dogs lives and slashed the kill rate, which had been 85%. This group saved Clayton County tens of thousands of dollars in fees the vet would have charged to euthanize. (The Partners and their attorney had very legitimate concerns about the restrictions the police Memorandum of Understanding would have placed on them. When they refused to sign they were asked to leave.) That highly effective group was replaced by one volunteer who resigned in less than two weeks due to the excessive restrictions placed on her by the police. 

Volunteers had been able to take photos of the dogs to post on Facebook (Partners with Clayton County Animal Control). Now only Animal Control staff can take pics. You need an escort to go back where the kennels are — even to go to the restroom. And you cannot take a cell phone or purse with you. Licensed rescue groups and transporters need a police background check. These are proven people with established track records working with CCAC. Never needed it before.

Monday, July 28 2014, fifteen outdoor kennels which the humane society partners had donated to CCAC were taken down — 15 fewer kennels to hold dogs — and now CCAC is full again!


Animal rescue organizations were told that Jonesboro, Animal Control would be closed on Thursday for maintenance and to pick up dogs on Friday. But then on Friday they were told that 22 dogs and 1 cat had already been euthanized the day before, including 7 that had confirmed adoption rescues. 

Author: Steve

Author, Director Green Pets America.

4 thoughts on “Freedom of Speech being denied to Animal Rescue Group”

  1. They denied me access 2x
    On 3rd day they let me in after talking to my attorney
    They have banned me from Facebook ccac and ccpd pages because i speak at commissioners meetings for animals

  2. This is intrue and I would ask that you remove this post. Rescues are not asked to sign an MOU, nor is anyone required to have a background check to pull from there. You are guilty of libel! Furthermore, there is no language in the MOU that suggests a non-diclosure agreement. I have a copy of it if you’d like to see it… the MOU is for VOLUNTEERS ONLY! NOT RESCUES. And if you are posting these lies, I am not surprised you are not allowed to pull from there. Also, the shelter has never even heard of you, so I question the validity of everything you say now!

    1. I know that ccpd treats everyone that walks through the door of ccac different
      I took a friend down to adopt a dog
      We had to wait on escort
      When the two people that had just been escorted came out, we stood up to go in
      The captain told us only one person cpuld go in at a time
      We inquired of the 2 people that were together that just came out and were told by the captain to look at the sign on the door that said and he quoted “only one person at a time”
      I looked and looked
      I said to him “i just don’t see it”
      He said, because there was no sign “uh, uh yeah it’s not there. It’s uh, uh being printed. I am saying only one person at a time.”
      So you see, i know first hand of the deceit and made up as they go protocol.

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