What is a no kill shelter?

if you could save one dog

When something bad happens we all wonder why. Why me, why now? Truth is in life sometimes things just happen – and we never learn why.

Well I feel I’m one of the lucky ones. Something very terrible happened to me, but unlike most I found out why – and the why has been a life changer.

I started out, probably just like you, chasing the American Dream. I was fortunate to live in a time when the dream could be caught a little quicker and a bit easier. All you had to do was want it, persevere, work hard and take some risks. But if you did those things you would be rewarded.

Well I chased and eventually caught the dream. I had a loving wife, 4 great kids, a high level corporate career, a beautiful home, nice cars… all was well.

Then my world collapsed and the dream with it. One thing I learned is what we pursue in the outside world eventually changes. Nothing material lasts forever. But most important I learned that what you pursue on the inside; who you are, what ideals you believe in, what makes life really wonderful; even more wonderful that the American dream, is what’s inside of you. It’s our inside spiritual being that is real, more real than our outside.

So what does all this have to do with saving our shelter animals? It has everything. For if my world had not collapsed, had I not been told I had a few months to live….and then against all odds survive, gave me something else. Something better. The chance to see how valuable life is. Surviving death gave me a second chance and a new view on what life is about.

I have learned that we can achieve the impossible, that things can change for the better, and very quickly if Grace and fortune is with us. God and doctors gave me a second chance at life. With that new chance I want to give others a second chance as well. My purpose in life now is to give homeless shelter animals a second chance at life.

In America we believe in Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That reverence for life extends to all life; human and animal. Our companion animals love, serve and protect us. They deserve our love and protection in return. Today there is no longer a need to kill homeless shelter pets in America. We now know how to save them all.

I believe without a doubt that despite the fact that we kill 4 million pets in our Shelters in America…we can save them all. Facts are facts. We now have the ability, the experience, the money and everything else it takes to save all America’s healthy shelter animals. What are we waiting for?

Our new animal welfare book…How To Save Them All…is coming out in August. This book will share with you how you can be a part of the Green Pets America eco-green no-kill vision to save all of America s shelter animals. This book will show you exactly how to help your local animal shelter become a eco-green no kill shelter. And surprisingly it is not that hard. If you want to accomplish it and if you have hope and faith it can be done. It has been done the past few years in over 500 shelters across America. From big cities to small cities. From wealthy areas to poor areas. From urban areas to rural areas.

Join with Green Pets America.org and become part of the eco-green no kill movement.

I was given a second chance; you have the opportunity to give yourself a second chance as well. You do not have to face death. You can start over today. You have a chance to do something remarkable with your life. And you have an opportunity to give every dog and cat sitting on death row a second chance at life.

Never lose hope. Every great achievement in America started with an idea and then hope and faith. Believe in the American Dream…believe in yourself…believe in something much bigger than yourself… and everything is possible.

Together we can save them all

Author: Steve

Author, Director Green Pets America.

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