A Very Yappy Ending.Sweet Pea Picture


I often wonder where she was born, what she was like as a puppy and why she became abandoned. She is just the most serene, and cutest pure bred miniature dachshund you could lay your eyes on. Your heart melts when she looks up at you with her big brown eyes. When I am in her company my energy is at peace. Like a clear lake top, peaceful and serene.

Our rescue group Green Pets America rescued Sweet Pea. She was left behind for some unknown reason in her empty home. Worse yet she was abandoned with her two puppies as well. They were just the most beautiful and adorable little family. We’re not sure if her owners were foreclosed on and left the 3 behind or if they went to jail. I can’t tell you how many times this is how we have wound up rescuing a dog.

I and our group used to cart Sweet pea and her puppies, along with a dozen of our other rescue dogs every Sunday to Pet Smart, where we would try to find them new loving homes. It is not easy work rounding all the dogs up, getting their cages in the pickup and cars and unloading them and setting up the puppy play pen and adoption table… but it’s a work of love. It allows us to be with these wonderful rescues and meet fellow pet lovers. And when we get one adopted we’re happy, but also sad to see them go. These little and sometimes big brutes become your kids.

Well after a few weeks both of Sweet Pea’s puppies did find new homes. I’d like to say they lived happily ever after, but one suddenly died shortly after adoption. Seems the little guy, being a nosy puppy opened the door under the families sink and ate some drain cleaner and died. I must tell you we all cried. I just don’t know why things like that happen in life. This poor little guy had a rough start and a rough ending. Thank God however when he was with us, he had a wonderful and happy middle. If you have pets please baby proof your home. These little ones are curious and will always be looking for new adventures. Please, please keep them safe.

Well with both puppies adopted we still had Sweet Pea. My wife started to really bond with her and one Sunday when I was heading off to Pet Smart Lynne said, “if she doesn’t get adopted today please lets take her ourselves”.

Well as life would have it just at the end of the adoption event a woman came up to one of our Directors and wanted to see Sweet Pea. So Susan took her out of the small dog play area. I watched the ladies eyes and in a flash I saw the woman immediately take to Sweet Pea. Adoptions are like that. There seems to be an immediate connection. Well I did something I never did before. I ran over and scooped little Sweet Pea from Susan’s arms. Susan looked at me like I was crazy I guess. But, my heart said that I had to step in and take Sweet Pea home that minute. I just could not bear to possible put her in a situation like what happened to her puppy. After 8 weeks of being with her I couldn’t let her go.

I put her in my car right that minute. After we packed up the pound puppies and big brutes as well Sweet Pea came home to live with us and our other three rescue dogs forever.

I have never regretted my crazy or rude act of sweeping her away and taking her home.

She is the calmest of all our rescues and she’s also the peace maker of the pack. Sweet Pea like all our rescued dogs is a true gift from God. They give everything and ask only for love and protection in return.

For Sweet Pea Monahan and for the whole family it was a Very Yappy Ending...


Steve Monahan, founder

Green Pets America.org

Rescue Renew Rehome


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Author: Steve

Author, Director Green Pets America.

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