Ignorance Kills 4 Million Homeless Pets Yearly



We believe that all homeless pets can be saved.

We believe that we must stop killing 4 million homeless pets each year. In this day and age there is no reason that we cannot save them all. 

The only thing that is stopping us is ignorance… Ignorance kills. The antidote to ignorance is education. Education is our vision to create a no-kill America. The only thing that will stop us is good people standing by and not acting.

Please do not stand by any longer and turn a blind eye to the slaughter of the  innocents. Join with us. Help us bring light to darkness. 

Help us educate. Help us save lives. We are your friends, neighbors and community leaders who’ve come together to save lives.

 We are a gold star rated non-profit, recognized for humanitarian services to our communities.



Author: Steve

Author, Director Green Pets America.

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