Another Vision For No Kill – GREEN no-kill ANIMAL COMMUNITIES

Green Pets America Vision

The Vision of Green Pets America is to extend and link the green movement to the animal welfare movement; to end the dumping, discarding and destroying 4 million healthy and happy companion animals in America’s animal shelters yearly.

If it is the right thing to go green and recycle refuse is it not also as important, if not more so, to go green and recycle happy, health dogs and cats as well.

Our mission is to totally change the animal care system in America by the creation of “Green no-kill Animal Communities”. Regional destination centers that animal lovers will go to adopt, celebrate, care for animals and mingle with one another.

Every year Americans discard 8 million dogs and cats. Our shelters adopt out 4 million and destroy the remaining 4 million. This tragedy must end. We must become a Green Pets Nation. Please join with Green Pets America to advocate for going green!

Americans want a policy of “rescue & recycle” not “discard & destroy”. We can save over 4 million pets annually by recycling, not euthanizing Americas shelter pets. To achieve this goal we are working to open the first green animal community center in Georgia, north of Atlanta.

Green Pets America believes a more intelligent, efficient and humane way to care for shelter and homeless animals in America is possible and has developed a six-part strategy to accomplish it. The SIX Part Strategy focuses on:


The corner-stone to changing our animal care system in America will be the creation of “Green no-kill Animal Communities”. Regional destination centers that animal lovers will go to adopt, celebrate,care for animals and mingle with one another.

There are numerous places for people to come together to participate in activities they enjoy. For example our county has two aquatic centers for swimmers, a beautiful regional bike trail park for bikers, two YMCA centers, a senior center,two very small 1 acre dog fence parks. There are other facilities based on interest for the community as well. But although over 65 % of the public are animal owners there is really no large significant place for animal lovers to come together for activities and education. We will change that…think Disneyland for animal lovers and their family pets.

Green no-kill Animal Communities®

  • Our first Green no kill Animal Community will be built on 30 acres of beautiful open green spaces with multiple green designed buildings in Cherokee or Cobb County. Picture a fun and beautiful one stop place for all things pets. The 30 acres would be a place for animal and human interaction and physical activities such as dog shows, dog agility events, pet merchandise store selling pet food, pet clothes, pet treats etc. A building for dog training, people animal training, animal welfare education. An adoption store with adoption areas for local shelters and rescue groups to bring their pets for adoption. A food concession stand. A veterinary facility for public animal wellness exams, annual shots and exams. A spay & neuter facility. A green dog park, walking trails and lots of open and wooded spaces for events, fairs and other outdoor animal focus activities. Picture a Disneyland for animals and animal lovers to come together and spend the day together as a community.

About Green Pets America

Green Pets America was founded in 2006. Our  mission is rescue and animal welfare advocacy. We work daily to end neglect, abuse, cruelty and exploitation of animals, ensuring that their interests and well-being are humanely protected as we work to end the 125 year old failed practice of euthanizing 4 million pets annually in America.

Green Pets America is a IRS Certified 501c3 nonprofit. We have been awarded the Gold Star seal for transparency and trust from Guide Star, America’s highest non-profit rating agency. Additionally Green Pets America received the humanitarian recognition from the State of Georgia Senate for serving Georgia’s families and animals.

We are a no kill green recycle and adopt organization, dedicated to finding safe loving homes for all adoptable pets we rescue.  We are proud to be a part of the no kill solution to ending pet homelessness and abuse in America

If you want to SAVE 4 million dogs & cats yearly please join with us. Any donation will make a difference.

We have received the highest level “GuideStar Gold Award” for transparency and trust.

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Author: Steve

Author, Director Green Pets America.

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