Please Don’t Abandon Your “Fur” Kids


Can you imagine being foreclosed on; leaving your home, and not taking your kids with you? How callous would that be?

Yet every month people are leaving their homes, closing the door behind them and leaving their bewildered and frightened family pet behind and just drive away. We have rescued family dogs and cats left locked in basements, garages, back yards and houses with no food and no water. They are many times starving and near death when we finally hear about their plight from a  concerned neighbor, Realtor or shelter and rescue them.

There is no excuse for this evil behavior today. If you have to move please take your “fur” kids with you. You don’t leave your two-legged kids behind, please don’t abandon your 4 legged kids either. Cats and dogs are domesticated animals and just cannot survive locked up with no food, water and love.

If you cannot take them to an apartment then ask a neighbor, friend or relative to adopt them. Or call a local no kill rescue to get them. Or at least call your shelter. But please do not leave them behind to die a slow painful death. Sometimes they are listless skin and bones when we get them. Your pets loved you. They feel fear and pain just as you do. If  life has been unkind recently to you please do not take out your pain on your innocent animal.

Man up…do the right thing.

We presently have a happy little 3 legged dog named JD that was left behind to die. He was hit by a car and had his leg removed. Then his parents moved out and left him behind in the backyard to die. Despite all JD has been through this little guy is still happy and loving. Thank God a neighbor called to get him rescued. He is available for adoption now, or for a temporary foster home.

Please call right away or email Steve Monahan at the Cherokee County Animal League if you can help us get a well deserved loving home for JD. He is in Woodstock Georgia in our care.

Email Steve at, or call him at 770 712-4077.

Or visit our website to donate for JD’s care

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Author: Steve

Author, Director Green Pets America.

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